Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Economy

Areas of coordination at the level of the deputy Prime Minister

According to the Government Decision on the duties of the Prime Minister and of Deputy Prime-Ministers no. 605 of 16.08.2013, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy:


a) manages issues related to national economy development, including the administration of public property, infrastructure, tourism, regional development and constructions, agriculture and environment, land relations, cadastre and intellectual property protection;

b) manages issues related to the activity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, Ministry of Environment, National Bureau of Statistics, Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre, Tourism Agency and the State Agency on Intellectual Property;

c) ensures the efficient collaboration between central public authorities and the Competition Board, the National Agency for Energy Regulation, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as non-governmental organizations on issues related to economic activities.


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