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Chisinau hosts Moldova-EU Economic Cooperation Sub-Committee meeting
07/31/2015 - 10:34

The first meeting of the Moldova-EU Economic Cooperation Sub-Committee was held in Chisinau today. Deputy Economics Minister Octavian Calmic and Head of Macro-financial Assistance Sector, Unit for EU Neighbourhood States within the European Commission Dirk Lenaerts co-chaired the meeting.

The officials exchanged views about the Moldovan and EU macroeconomic situation, prospects to speed up bilateral cooperation in the context of implementation of reforms deriving from DCFTA, tax policy, monetary policy, evolutions regarding inflation and balance of payments, public money management, cooperation in statistics, as well as the possibility to provide financial assistance within the budgetary support.

The participants agreed to jointly identify solutions to improve the financial and banking situation in Moldova. In this respect, the European Commissions’ representatives announced about the initiative on providing financial assistance and technical expertise in order to develop and modernise Moldova, once an agreement with the International Monetary Fund signed.

The Moldovan side presented progress recorded as regards the adoption of new legal documents and standards in such areas as: procurement, capital market, providing investors and consumers with efficient protection, etc.

The mentioned meeting was preceded by a Moldova-EU video conference at the EU Delegation to Moldova on 23 July. It was discussed the ensuring of financial stability in Moldova, which represents a condition for providing the financial assistance by the European Commission. The sides also approached the implementation of the provisions of the Association Agreement as to antifraud measures and control of EU funds and cooperation of responsible institutions from Moldova with the European Anti-Fraud Office.