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European bank backs investment projects in Moldova
07/31/2015 - 13:33

The first meeting of board of Regional Fund of Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership in Moldova (E5P) was held in Chisinau today. The participants in the event unveiled projects with potential funding from E5P and international financial institutions, including the CET-Nord heating project.

"Moldovan authorities have an efficient cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) at different levels, especially, in investment projects", Deputy Economics Minister Valeriu Triboi said. The official made reference to the CET-Nord heating project, the EBRD would offer 7 million euros for its implementation.

Another example would be the today's decision of bank to provide a 6.2-million-eruo loan to La Triveneta Cavi company for construction of its branch in Straseni. EBRD is delighted to back the direct foreign investments for Moldova, as they offer the possibility to create new jobs, bring new technologies and innovations in the country, the director of production and services of the European financial institution, Frederic Lucenet, said.

The Triveneta Cavi Development industrial park is placed in Straseni city with an area of 11 hectares. Investments for creating and developing technical and production infrastructure of the park are estimated at about 20 million euros.

According to a press release by EBRD, this is the greatest institutional investor of Moldova, which so far, has invested about 1 billion euros in over 100 projects.