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Moldova takes over CEFTA chairmanship
02/25/2015 - 11:53

The 2015 first meeting of deputy ministers of members states to Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) will be chaired by Moldovan Deputy Economics Minister Octavian Calmic, in the context when Moldova holds the mandate of CEFTA Chairmanship for 2015. The meeting is held in Brussels, Belgium, on 25 – 28 February.


Representatives of the Economics Ministry have specified that the additional protocol to CEFTA between Moldova and Macedonia will be signed on 25 February, by which the quotas to wine exports will be cancelled. The document’s signing will allow to fully liberalising the trade with CEFTA states.


Octavian Calmic will present Moldova’s agenda during its mandate. It will focus on continuing efforts to implement South-East Europe 2020 Strategy (SEE 2020), which stipulates promotion of inter-regional trade exchanges, by reducing restrictive measures, coordination of investment policies and ensuring investment protection. The agenda also includes: services liberalisation at regional level, by negotiating and signing an agreement in this respect by the parties, negotiating and signing of a framework agreement on trade facilitation till the end of 2015, as well as trade promotion in the region based on the member statute within the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention (PEM).


„Moldova will continue efforts taken by its forerunner, Macedonia, as to gradual liberalisation of trade with services and agricultural products between CEFTA partners. In 2015, we are set to launch talks on five services sectors at least and to support four negotiation sessions with all CEFTA partners. The final goal is to achieve the same level of openness of all services sectors, thus, contributing to a greater attraction of investments in the region,” Octavian Calmic said.


The Economics Ministry’s data show that Moldova’s trade turnover with CEFTA member states was on the rise in January-November 2014 compared to the same period of 2013. The quota of exports was of 4.3 million dollars, and of the import– 26 million dollars.


Moldova joined CEFTA in 2007 and got for the first time the chairmanship of this regional structure in 2008.