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Moldovan economics ministry manages situation in energy system
07/02/2015 - 09:04

Moldovans will be further provided with electricity in one hundred percent rate. The Economics Ministry manages the situation in the energy system and is in permanent contact with the enterprises specialised in electricity supply to solve all problems in the field.

The Economics Ministry describes the statements by economic agents in electricity supply as "challenging that may be pressures over some institutions involved in elaborating and approving new rates for electricity".

The ministry believes that given the latest social, economic and political evolutions from the region and country, the adjustment requirements of electricity and gas tariffs are partly justified. Yet, argumentation to the adjustments are unilateral, based on promoting enterprises' interests, without taking into account all macro- and micro- economic factors, influencing on political and economic processes from the region and country.

To overcome the current situation in the energy sector, the ministry holds consultations with all partners to elaborate efficient measures, taking into account interests of citizens and economic agents. Moreover, the ministry believes that the citizen's interest must be dominant while elaborating new energy rates.