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Octavian CALMC: "No statistics of thousands of state controls, but to arrive at a reasonable number of controls, to ensure the consumer's right and the right of the economic agents" VIDEO
11/09/2017 - 13:35

November 9, Chisinau - "No statistics of thousands of state controls carried out by the year 2015, but to reach a reasonable number of controls, which will also ensure the consumer's right and the right of the economic agents" said today Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmic, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, at the Press Conference on the reorganization, optimization and creation of the bodies with control functions.


The Government has improved the regulatory and legislative framework governing state control to achieve the maximum effectiveness of this instrument - state control, to reduce the number of controls and organs that carry out these controls, thereby ensuring consumer protection and reducing pressure on the business environment.


Thus, through the approval of Law no.185 / 2017, the legislative acts regulating the control activity, in the competence of the specialized control bodies on several components, namely the implementation of the institutional reform - the optimization of the number of institutions with control functions and the implementation of the Reform procedural - minimum documents, maximum transparency and rights for entrepreneurs. In this context, the reform procedures include the essential limitation of the document number in the control, the control planning for a calendar year, the limitation of the possibilities for initiating unannounced control and the advisory nature of the planned state controls.


In the same order, restrictive measures will be applied depending on the level of violations and only in the case of serious and very serious violations, and the challenge of the acts can be settled in court or only within the Dispute Settlement Boards within the control body, where representatives of the business environment are also required to participate, and the entrepreneur's right to address directly to the court is established without imposing the prior procedure and the National Council is set up to examine systemic issues.


Also, the control processes - the State Register of Single Controls, the transparency and the predictability of the inspector's actions will be digitized. Priority is given to electronic documents created and stored in the State Register of Controls.


Also, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Octavian Calmic announced the launch of a Verification Campaign on respecting the consumer's right of access to services, referring to the quality of the services and the quality of the products sold. "A campaign on the one hand, informative for economic agents, but also for checking compliance with the law". "We will have a massive communication program with the economic agents, as we take care of the economic agents, but we also take care of the consumers and the people of the Republic of Moldova," the deputy prime minister said.


The control and verification campaign is announced pre-emptively in order for the economic agents to have time to review their entrepreneurial activity, thus lessening the pressure on the business environment, as no fines and penalties are desired, nor are they loyal to the violations of the quality of the services rendered and products marketed on the market in our country and thus to ensure consumer protection, said Octavian Calmic.


The Campaign will firstly test the entrepreneurs in the country's markets and the entire social sphere on the correct use of measuring instruments, scales, and Peco stations, taxi services, mobile telephony will also check the quality of food , especially those that are distributed in educational institutions.


We mention that, as a result of the reorganization, optimization and creation of new institutions with controlling rights, from around 70 entities with the right of control remained 13 institutions with control function, which will ensure a functional, optimized and consolidated institutional system in the fields of competence on the state control of the entrepreneurial activity, which does not involve additional expenditures from the state budget, but within the limits of the budgets already approved for 2017, added the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure.