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Valeriu Triboi: Moldova to develop bilateral relations with Czech Republic
03/12/2015 - 13:53

Deputy Economics Minister Valeriu Triboi met his Czech counterpart Pavel Šolc in Prague on 11 March. The officials discussed issues of the bilateral cooperation in the energy sector between Moldova and the Czech Republic. They also exchanged opinions on the situation in the energy field of the two states, as well as implementation of mutually advantageous projects in the concerned sector, according to sources within the Economics Ministry.


Triboi stressed that one of the basic goals of the Moldovan government was to diversify the sources of the country's supply with electric energy and gas. "Interconnection with European electricity and gas sources represents one of our priorities, as it will offer us more solutions to ensure the energy security of the country. On these grounds, Moldova is interested in developing bilateral ties with the Czech Republic in the energy field", he noted.


For his part, Šolc appreciated Moldova's efforts to diversify electricity sources and emphasised the Czech authorities' willingness to back innovation projects of the Moldovan government.


At the same time, the officials exchanged opinions on the agenda of the sixth meetings of the Moldovan-Czech inter-governmental joint commission for economic, industrial, technical and scientific cooperation. The two officials said the meeting was a good opportunity to analyse the current stage of bilateral collaboration and to set projects for future.


Under the Concept of Foreign Development Aid of the Czech Republic, Moldova is one of the priority countries for cooperation in 2011-2017. So far, via different projects, the Czech Republic has invested about 14 million euros in Moldova, and the current investments are estimated at almost 2.5 million euros.