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Consumer Protection Agency

Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) is an administrative authority, subordinated to the Ministry of Economy, in charge for the policy on consumer protection and state control over the enforcement of legislation in this area, as well as state control over the compliance of products and/or services placed on the market with the prescribed or declared requirements and the observance of regulatory acts in the field of legal metrology, norms and rules for conducting trade activities.


The Agency’s mission is to implement the policy and strategies on consumer protection and to oversee the enforcement of regulatory acts in this field within the scope of its responsibility.


To accomplish its mission, the Agency has the following key functions:


1.organize and conduct the market overseeing to check the compliance of products placed on the market and delivered services with the prescribed and/or declared requirements, including by performing checks, in the name of the state, at all stages of the vital cycle of the product or service;

2.carry out the legal metrology check of metrology norms, benchmark condition, measurement tools and reference materials in the field of legal metrology;

3.carry out the state check on the observance of trade norms and rules;

4.carry out activities related to the protection of consumers’ economic interests;

5.inform and educate the public about their rights as consumers.





Green Line: 0800 28 0 28 


Consumer Protection Agency

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