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The World Bank Competiveness Enhancement Project in the Republic of Moldova (CEP)

Implementation period: February 2006 - June 2013

Budget: 38.3 mln. US Dollars

Donor: The International Development Association (World Bank) and the Government of Japan

Program implementer: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova, National Institute of Standardization, National Metrology Institute, Credit Line Directorate, World Bank.

Objective: Technical assistance and investment financing to strengthen the competitiveness of Moldovan enterprises by implementing regulatory reform and improving the business environment; upgrading the quality infrastructure system, access to finance; supporting companies that require implementation of quality management and business development systems.

Target group: Small and medium enterprises sector with emphasis on enterprises with export potential.

Main activities:

  1.  Support the Government in implementing the regulatory reform agenda by strengthening institutional capacity for deregulation and introducing Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) into the legislative process;
  2.  Upgrading the quality infrastructure system by endowing metrology and testing laboratories with advanced equipment;
  3. Co-financing grants to enterprises for the implementation of quality management systems (ISO) and business development services (grant of 50% of the value of consultancy services); access to credit line financing for enterprises with export potential.


Note: The Ministry of Economy with the support of the World Bank has launched the process of preparing a new project that will strengthen the results of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project I as an objective to improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, by facilitating access to finance medium and long term, access to new marketplaces, improvement of the regulatory framework in the field of entrepreneurial activity.


The total value of the Project - about 45 million US dollars. The main components are:

  1.  credit line for the private sector, especially SMEs;
  2.  support for the implementation of the Regulatory Reform, strengthening the institutional capacities of ODIMM and MIEPO, private sector grants for co-financing consultancy services in  business development, etc.

Contacts: Aureliu Casian

                 Address: office 815, 180, Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, Chisinau

                 Telephone number: 0 (22) 022 29 67 23 / Telefax: 022 29 67 24