Government of the Republic of Moldova
Ministryof Economy andInfrastructure

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The vision of the Republic of Moldova in the field of energy system development is exposed in the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Moldova until 2030, which was approved by the Government Decision no. 102 of 05.02.2013.

The document reflects the country's priority issues, which call for quick solutions and a resizing of objectives in accordance with the need to achieve an optimal balance between internal resources (both currently used and projected). It also reflects country’s urgent needs of the UE goals and the Energy Community and the national targets, the international obligations regarding the treaties, agreements and programs (including the neighborhood policy) to which the Republic of Moldova is a member.

The main objectives of the strategic document are:

  1. Security of energy supply;
  2. The establishment of competitive markets and their regional and European integration;
  3. Environmental sustainability and combating climate change.

The energy strategy of the Republic of Moldova aims to year 2020 as the year of full integration into the EU’s internal energy market. In accordance with this objective, the country's legislation will be timely harmonized with the Energy Community acquis and be consistent with the EU acquis, ensuring legal and regulatory compatibility with these markets.


In the context of the development of the energy sector, is implemented the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency for the years 2013-2015, approved by the Government through Decision no. 833 of 10.11.2011. This plan ensures the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Law approved in July 2010. The plan is based on the National Energy Efficiency Program 2011-2020 that sets the general framework with long-term objectives to be supported every three years and provides for the priority actions and measures to achieve the interim objective of 9% energy savings by 2016 and the national objective of 20% energy savings by 2020