Government of the Republic of Moldova
Ministryof Economy andInfrastructure

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The industrial policy of the Republic of Moldova is focused on consolidating and encouraging factors that determine the establishment of an industrial economy sector that is technologically advanced, science-intensive, efficient and competitive, adjusted to the European standards.


The main strategic planning document developed by the Ministry of Economy to this end is the Industry Development Strategy until 2015, approved by Government Decision no. 1149 of October 5, 2006. The document sets out the basic development principles, objectives and priorities of the area, as well as the key mechanisms and tools that ensure the growth of efficiency and competitiveness of the industrial sector. 


In line with this strategy, the objective will be achieved by solving a number of inter-related tasks, such as: 

1.modernizing the traditional branches of the industry; 

2.creating and developing industrial sectors based on the use of modern and science-intensive technologies that will serve as centers for industrial integration (production) of small and medium enterprises; 

3.creating conditions for the innovational activity, permanent consolidation of the scientific potential, growth of the scientific and professional level of staff training in the field of industry; 

4.increasing the efficiency of the use of human, material and financial resources based on advanced industrial production technologies.


Another strategic document developed by the Ministry of Economy aimed at supporting the industrial sector is the Concept of cluster development of the Republic of Moldova’s industrial sector. The goal of the concept is to determine the needs and possibilities for implementing and developing a mechanism of association of economic entities in “clusters” to contribute to the efficient and competitive development of industrial branches. This concept is the first complex document regarding the creation and development of clusters in the industrial sector and is based on the best practices of Europe, China and other states.


The clusters are a form of association of economic entities and are intended to contribute to reviving the regions and supporting industrial sectors based on the implementation of new effective economic mechanisms.


Another key document for developing the industrial sector in RM is the Roadmap for improving competitiveness.