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Romania to back investment projects in Moldovan economy
03/10/2015 - 16:20

Deputy Economics Minister Valeriu Triboi today met Minister of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment Andrei Dominic Gerea and Minister of Economy, Trade and Tourism of Romania Mihai Tudose in Bucharest. The officials broached issues of the bilateral cooperation in economic sector, as well as its extension in the long run, according to sources from the Economics Ministry (ME).


The problem on Moldova's electrical interconnection with the European market through Romania was the key topic considered by the sides. In the context, Triboi reiterated Moldova's intention to build high-voltage lines on Vulcanesti-Chisinau, Ungheni-Straseni and Balti-Suceava directions, which would ensure the interconnection.


Also, the sides exchanged opinions on a memorandum between the Romanian and Moldovan governments on the gas and electric energy interconnection projects, due to be negotiated and signed in the near future. The document will set a list of interconnection and related projects, deadlines for making the  interconnections, as well as way the projects are coordinated by both sides.


The officials also agreed that, after signing the intergovernmental memorandum, an inter-ministerial agreement should be concluded, in order to enhance the efficiency of implementation of the projects stipulated in the document.


Ministers Andrei Dominic Gerea and Mihai Tudose reconfirmed the Romanian government's willingness to develop the economic relations with Moldova at all levels and to continue implementing investment projects in different sectors of the national economy, including the energy one.